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Comments from some of our customers

As an experienced and highly respected garage in Woodford Green, we have many happy customers who continue to use our garage for all aspects of MOTs, servicing and repairs.

Why not take a look at some of the kind words our customers have had to say about our company?

"Excellent service. Was told the car would need a costly repair but when it actually came to carrying out the work they found it did not need a costly part after all. They could have fitted the part unnecessarily, as I had booked the car in fully expecting to have to pay out for this big repair, but they were honest & only replaced the part that was needed.

It halved my repair bill. So rare these days to find a garage that does not try to rip you off. A lot of other garages would have done. I would certainly recommend W J Kingham Motors & shall use them again."

"I have been using WJ for 13 years. I have recommended them to all my family and friends and not heard any negative comments from anyone.

The service they provide along with the friendly approach is next to none. I wouldn't go to anyone else, WJ can deal with any problem big or small and have many contacts to get the necessary work done. I'm lucky to be living local."

"I was advised that my cars head gasket had gone, costly repair. I took it this garage and they found that it was just an ignition coil!!

Really nice to know some garages are still genuine"

"I used to use W.J. Kingham many years ago and I have recently come back to them having moved back into the area. I still find the service they give to be cost effective and efficient. I have yet to test them on any major repair but I have confidence that should there be a problem, I would not be fobbed off and they would want to put things right; they are a local business and their reputation is important."

"This is a traditional local garage giving a very good service to its customers.They are fair priced and do the work that is necessary without "ripping the customer off". For local residents they offer a particularly friendly approach and have a very good name around here - they will often do a pick-up and delivery of the car at no extra charge providing nearby. They are nice people as well!"

So for a top garage in Woodford Green please do not hesitate to contact us.

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